Developer and Power User Tools

Developer tools

  • Visual Studio Code
    Great editor, that (at least for me) has beaten sublime and the others. – built with electron as well!
  • Visual Studio
    I am a .NET Dev, so this is pretty essential for my daily use.
  • Notepad++
    I’ve switched mostly to use VSCode as my main editor, but for small things I like the speed of notepad++.
  • DockStation
    “Visual Docker” Dock station helps me quickly assemble large container applications with not much more than some drag and drop. Awesome!
  • HashCheck
    A simple right-click menu tool for getting the hash of any file.
  • Advanced Installer – Paid
    For any project I do where I need an installer, I use advanced installer… it’s simply an amazingly easy to use tool for all installation needs. (even does installer from *.sln file.)
  • GitKraken
    The best git gui out there.

Visual Studio Extensions

Ive made this a category by itself as there are many really good extensions.

Power User Tools

  • Fiddler
    Webrequest sniffer.
  • Wireshark
    Package sniffer.
  • Postman
    Best Rest Client.
  • ConEmu
    Guake style powershell prompt – whats not to like?
  • Everything search
    Great indexing and searching engine with a hotkey.
  • 1Password – Paid
    Everyone should be using a password manager these days, I use 1Password.
  • LightShot
    Awesome screenshot taking app.
  • Snagit – Paid
    Another amazing screenshot tool.
  • Evernote
    Notetaking for pro’s. nothing to more to say.
  • OneNote
    Another great notetaking app.

Chrome Addons

  • YSlow
    A website “slowness” tester for chrome.
  • Toby
    A much better (shareable) start page for chrome.
  • Awesome Screenshot
    Full page screenshots.
  • ColorZilla
    A Colorpicker.


    Some fiddle, some bin, some plunk.. I pen.
  • Foundation for email
    Need html emails, but have html and separate css? – no problem.
  • APIMatic
    Transform any api spec into any other api spec.
  • Can I Use
    Lookup any html/css feature and see if its supported by browser xyz.
  • GuidGenerator
    A great looking, simple to use, Guid (v4) Generator.
  • Cron expression editor
    I keep forgetting how to Cron.. never again!
  • Http Status Codes api
    Awesome api to test statuscode handling – just request or any other (Supported) status code.
  • Simple Online Rest Api
    When you just need to prototype – Request one of the endpoints and itll return what you sent (basically).

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